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It is an amazing feeling to be able to do what you love and change people lives every day.

I am so privileged to house the most talented and experienced stylist in the Capital District!

Our mission is to continually educate both in salon and at the top academies like Aveda, Bumble & bumble, Vidal Sassoon, Ouidad and Wella. The passion for our craft shows in the work my staff delivers to every client and makes it “All about you!”

Are you looking for new salon? I am confident that we can match you with a top stylist that will listen, consult and deliver the look you want.

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Ania's Mission: Our mission is to continually educate both in salon and at the top academies like Aveda, Bumble & bumble, Vidal Sassoon, Ouidad and Wella. The passion for our craft shows in the work my staff delivers to every client and makes it "All about you!"

DEBI – Ouidad Stylist

As a stylist with 18 years of experience, Debi knows that education and creativity coincide. Despite the ever changing styles and trends, Debi stays true to her motivation and passion for hair care, with Ouidad as her inspiration every step of the way. With an eye for detail and precision, Debi works to achieve a look completely customized for each one of her clients’ personal style.

Specialty: Ouidad certified

LIZ – Ouidad Stylist

Liz has been working at Ania hair studio since 2007. She has been interested in hair from the time she was young and is especially proficient with color. Liz is always ready for a challenge and loves to bring a fresh spin on classic and trendy styles. She strives for all her clients to look and feel beautiful leaving her chair. She loves challenging herself in her professional life and achieving her clients goals. Liz has attended many high end classes such as the Creative Cutting Class at Vidal Sassoon in Miami and also trained to become a Ouidad Certified Stylist in Manhattan. You are sure to be pleased with the experience and results you have with her.

Education: Vidal Sassoon in Miami and trained to become a Ouidad Certified Stylist in Manhattan.

IRINI – Ouidad Stylist

Irini is one of our very talented junior stylist. Also a graduate of the Orlo School of hair design. Irini has been part of the Ania hair studio team since 2010. “My favorite part of being a stylist is formulating color. I love evaluating each clients hair and figuring out what the perfect combination of color is. Highlighting and ombré color are my two favorite color techniques.” Irini also enjoys spending her free time mastering her techniques by attending color and haircutting classes. Irini is always in the know about today’s hottest trends. Most recently Irini became a certified Moroccan Oil stylist, by attending the New York City Moroccan Oil Academy.

Education: The Orlo School of hair design and the Moroccan Oil Academy in NYC

MICHELLE- Hair Stylist

Michelle started her career in Los Angeles, California, where she was an assistant at Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills for three years before moving to New York. Michelle has worked at Ania Hair Studio since its opening in 2001. Michelle continues to further her training by taking part in many training programs such as Vidal Sassoon Academy, Bumble and Bumble University, Wella, Rusk, Yuko System (the original Japanese straighter), Ouidad and Brazilian Silk Keratin treatment. Michelle also takes part in many in salon classes as well. Michelle is dedicated to making her clients feel great inside and out.

Education: Vidal Sassoon Academy, Bumble and Bumble University, Wella

Specialties: Yuko System (the original Japanese straighter), Ouidad and Brazilian Silk Keratin treatment

VILMA – Ouidad Stylist

Vilma began her career right here at Ania Hair Studio and Spa. As a 2010 graduate of the Orlo School of Hair and Design, Vilma has spent the past few years educating and perfecting her craft. Vilma attend the Moroccan Oil academy in New York City and is a certified Moroccan Oil stylist. As a junior stylist she brings a refreshing and modern edge to each clients look . She always takes time to attend different classes to expand her color knowledge and new cutting techniques. During her free time you can always find Vilma practicing her manicures or trying new makeup ideas. Her goal is to educated herself as much as possible to create the most fashionable styles. “One of my greatest rewards as a stylist is making my clients leave the salon feeling very excited about their new hair style. I have a very artistic soul and I just absolutely love coloring and cutting each clients hair.

Education: The Orlo School of Hair and Design and the Moroccan Oil Academy in New York City

ANGELA- Hair Stylist

Angela has 25 years of experience in the beauty industry and has been with Ania Hair Studio and Spa for the last 13 years. Her extensive training includes work with local stylists as well as certification and training with Goldwell, Aveda, Bumble and Bumble, Ouidad, and Wella. Color, haircutting (curly or straight), special occasion hairstyles, and perming are a few of the services she offers. Her patience and great listening skills help her to attain her main goal of giving each client a style they can realistically achieve and maintain by empowering them with the knowledge and tools they need to execute GREAT HAIR!

Education: Goldwell, Aveda, Bumble and Bumble, Ouidad, and Wella

Specialties: Color, haircutting (curly or straight) and Perms.

ANNIE- Hair Stylist

Annie began her career as a young apprentice working closely with a color educator from Schwarzkopf. Over the course of her 16 years of experience she has completed dozens of cutting and color classes from various industry leaders such as Bumble and bumble, Vidal Sassoon, and Wella. Annie is known within the salon not only as an excellent problem-solver, but also as someone who enjoys tackling the most complicated or challenging hair situations. Her specialties include Corrective Color Treatments, Color Amalgamation Creative Cutting and Styling, Brazilian Silk Keratin Treatments by DAR-X

Education: Bumble and bumble, Vidal Sassoon, and Wella.

Specialties: Corrective Color Treatments, Color Amalgamation Creative Cutting and Styling, Brazilian Silk Keratin Treatments by DAR-X

BOB- Senior Stylist

Hi, my name is Bob and I am proud to say I have been working in the beauty industry for 22 years. I actually graduated from St. Rose College with a Biology Chemistry Degree. All throughout my course study however, somehow always ended up styling my classmates hair, well at least the girls anyway. LOL. To my surprise, I was actually pretty darn good at it. Well, to make a long story short despite a preplanned course to go on to Dental School, the following year I had the good fortune to meet a friend who was a Dynamo of a personality as well as a rather great hairdresser. It was that connection that made me actually rethink what it was in life that would truly make me happy. Crazy as it may have sounded to both family and friends alike, I ultimately made the choice to peruse a career I thoroughly enjoyed. To this day, some 20+ years later, I still feel that it was indeed the right choice and I’ve never looked back. I’ve seen styles come and go over the years, some that let’s face it, probably should never have come, but also some which have remained constant classics throughout. It’s still just as exciting about my career choice today as I was when I first began and I’m happy to be a part of the Ania team.

With over 20 years of experience and training, Bob is a “Senior Stylist” at Ania’s. His eye for design, attention to detail, ability to listen and interpret his client needs make him exceptionally good at what he does. His specialties include precision cutting for both men and women, (both long and short styles), rudimentary and corrective coloring, and keratin smoothing treatments. He also proudly specializes in the application of Great Length’s Hair Extensions and is well known far beyond our local area for his quality work.

Specialties: Precision cutting for both men and women, (both long and short styles), corrective coloring, keratin smoothing treatments and application of Great Length’s Hair Extensions.


Cheryl knew since very early age that she wanted to be a Hair stylist.

As soon as she graduated highschool she moved to NYC and entered beauty school. Soon after that she was working at Gil Ferrer Salon on the upper west side. Cheryl received great training by working side by side with Gil Ferrer, and became one of the best hair stylist there. After 7 years in the big city working with one of the best in the industry her family life brought her to Albany. Cheryl worked at Jean Paul for 8 years before taking time off to raise her 2 beautiful children. Now she is back ready to create the new you.

Cheryl loves hairdressing and is one of the best in precision hair cutting. If you looking for the perfect bob hair cut –Cheryl is the one.

Specialties:: Precision hair cuts and bob hair cuts.

Education:: Gil Ferrer Salon on the upper west side and Jean Paul.

ROSA- Master Stylist

Even when she was young, it was obvious that Rosa was destined to do hair. Rosa was never shy about cutting her own hair if it wasn’t right and she frequently practiced on her friends. She began cultivating her passion for the industry after watching her mother at work, a stylist herself since the 1970’s (even showing Rosa how to cut hair on her Barbies). Unable to shake this penchant for the world of beauty she found her calling as a hair stylist and decided to go to school for cosmetology. There, she sharpened her already keen sense for hair cutting, and learned how to apply her love for chemistry and art theory with coloring hair.

Soon after graduating The Orlo School of Cosmetology in 2004 she began an apprenticeship here at Ania Hair Studio and studied under the very special and extremely talented Bumble and Bumble network educator (our beloved Liza) where she was shown how to master the razor cut, blowouts, and dry cutting.

Now with more than 12 years in the business (10 of which were spent in San Diego and NYC) Rosa decided it was time to return home to our capital region. With her nieces, nephews, sisters and mother all living here, she realized she missed them just as much as they had always missed her and was finally ready to leave the robust fast paced NYC life style. She couldn’t think of a better place to continue her craft then to rejoin her original “salon family” here at Anias!

Having worked with top stylists and educators on both coasts, to most recently working as a stylist for the iconic flagship Bumble and bumble salon in NYC’s midtown east (where the brand first began in 1977), she has mastered a variety of hair-cutting and coloring techniques for both women and men.

Inspired by the beauty she finds in films, fashion and the creative minds around her, she’s always envisioning new techniques to use and education to attain. From classic to modern, she is known for her versatility and seemingly effortless ability to help clients find their own style that brings out the best in them.

Education: Bumble and bumble university, Bumble and bumble salon advanced Cutting and styling classes, Goldwell of New York color scholars, Wella color USA training

Specialties: Corrective color, balayage and razor cutting.

JAIMIE- Hair Stylist

Jaimie has been with us for almost three years now. She attended Paul Mitchell The School of Schenectady and went on to study under Bumble and Bumble and Goldwell. In her 3 years of training under senior stylists, She has learned to master razor cutting and keratin treatments. She specializes in color, ombré and balayage being her favorite. She loves creating looks that compliment the individuality of each client. Her fun, bubbly personality make for a great experience. She promises that you will leave the chair looking beautiful!

Education: Paul Mitchell, Bumble and Bumble and Goldwell.

Specialties: Color, ombré and balayage

HARLEIGH- Hair Stylist

Harleigh is one of our fabulous stylist here at the salon. Her fun loving personality makes for a great experience. Always keeping up on the Fresh new trends of every season. Harleigh has lots of wella color classes and bumble cutting education under her belt, including extensive training with men’s cuts as well. With much interest in not only color and cutting she is always excited to do a fabulous updo or style for that special occasion. Her love for halo extensions gives anybody the chance to have the long luxurious hair they have always wanted. When you put her artsy confident and talented personality together there’s nothing she can’t do. It’s in her blood. Give her the chance and you will not be disappointed. A hair style that suits you and your life style is one of the many things she always makes sure to deliver.

Education: Bumble and bumble and Wella.

Specialties: Men's cuts, Color and Halo Extensions

BRIDGET- Hair Stylist & Spa Technician

An Artist was born December 29th and raised in Albany, New York. Through adversity, passion, ambition, and God she is here to share her story thus far. Her early success started with a vision and a plan. Her parents instilled this practice in her always stressing execution and planning to her. Motivated by blue prints, paint and paint brushes she has always had a passion for art. Longing for an elite lifestyle, since a child she has had a love for hair, fashion and glamour. Although she has a Business Management Degree, she is no stranger to the beauty industry. In 2000, she started her beauty education at Christine Valmy International School for esthetic, skin care, make up and nail artistry. In 2008 she attended The Orlo School of hair design and cosmetology. Bridget’s talent didn’t stop there, 2008 she also attended The Aveda Institute where she became certified as a Lash Specialist. Business as usually she went on for advanced training in SkinCeuticals and Dermalogica. Bridget still studies at the Dermal Institute which is located in Manhattan New York were she has completed her certification, and moving towards Specialist then Expert status. Always having a love and passion for color she decided to advance her make up skills by becoming a advance Temptu Pro Artist. Temptu is an airbrush make up known for its superior quality, longevity, and ease of application. This make up has an unparallel flawless finish like no other. Bridget joined Ania’s in February 2008 where she works as a Hair Stylist, and Spa Technician. Her work has been displayed with Kermit Hayes Photography Studio on many projects. At the end of the day she is an artist who will bring out the beauty in every canvas she touches!

Education: Christine Valmy International School, the Orlo School of hair design and cosmetology, the Aveda Institute, the Dermal Institute in Manhattan New York.

Specialties: Lash Specialist, skin care and make-up

CHANEL- Hair Stylist

Whether sleek, sophisticated or edgy, Chanel’s passion is to enhance the beauty within everyone.
Chanel’s professional career began in New York, spans over 10 years, and is forever evolving as new styles emerge. She’s mastered cutting, coloring, styling, and texturizing and has been certified by the world renowned Arrojo Academy, Aveda Institute and Bumble&Bumble University (NYC), to name a few. Her career highlights in every aspect of the industry ranging from photo-shoots, special occasions, to every day gorgeous hair & makeup. Chanel prides herself in her diverse clientele and is proud to accommodate anyone that sits in her chair. She believes that creativity, patience, and dedication produce beautiful relationships with her clients and that’s more gratifying than any amount of money

Education: Arrojo Academy, Aveda Institute and Bumble and Bumble University

CHRISTINA- Hair Stylist

Christina has been in the hair and beauty industry professionally for the past ten years, but has been immersed in it for her entire life. Growing up in the salon watching her mother do hair and attending hair shows from a young age inspired Christina to want to be behind the chair. Christina specializes in healthy hair, believing that the integrity of the hair is the crucial foundation for any cut, color and style. Christina has gained a reputation for being a “fixer” as her clients call her, performing corrective color treatments, fixing bad haircuts and nursing damaged hair back to health. Christina’s training includes education through Bumble & Bumble, Aveda, Goldwell USA, KMS California, and Paul Mitchell to name a few. Believing in the importance of cutting hair to complement face shape and coloring hair to enhance skin tone and eye color, Christina focuses on creating custom looks for each person that sits in her chair. From natural highlights, dramatic ombre color and razor-cutting, to beautiful blow-dries and upstyles for weddings and special events, Christina loves to bring out each person’s natural beauty, believing that if you look good, you feel good.

Education: Bumble & Bumble, Aveda, Goldwell USA, KMS California, and Paul Mitchell

Specialty: Healthy hair- corrective color treatments, fixing bad haircuts and nursing damaged hair back to health

DAWN- NYS Licensed Esthetician

Dawn is a graduate of the International Dermal Institute in Boston Massachusetts, with a Post Graduate Degree in Advanced Skin Therapy followed by 2 Honors Degrees in The Management and Treatment of Aging Skin. She received her original Esthetics training from the Aesthetic Science Institute in Latham New York.

Her Skin Care Career actually began over 30 years ago when she worked as an Educator and Makeup Artist for the Estee Lauder Company. In addition, Dawn has also worked with Plastic Surgery Patients over the years which has added extensive knowledge in pre-and post-surgical care and medically oriented Skin Care and Technologies. She regularly attends education classes and seminars to further her knowledge and better serve her clients. Dawn will soon be certified in Medical Laser Treatments and Oncology Esthetics.

Dawn has developed an expertise in Innovative Skin Treatments. She believes any and all Skin types can be improved with the Proper Treatment and Attention. Dawn specializes in the treatment of Rosacea, Hyper Pigmentation, Sensitized Skin, Hormonal Issues and Acne. Dawn believes in Results and Relaxation during her treatments. There is never a “push” on services or products during you time with her. Each client is provided a unique experience that is tailored specifically to his or her own needs. See the difference in just one treatment session with Dawn.

Treat yourself to a Complimentary Skin Analysis Today!

Education: International Dermal Institute in Boston Massachusetts, with a Post Graduate Degree in Advanced Skin Therapy and esthetics training from the Aesthetic Science Institute in Latham, NY. She was also Educator and Makeup Artist for the Estee Lauder Company

Specialties: Treatment of Rosacea, Hyper Pigmentation, Sensitized Skin, Hormonal Issues and Acne

DENISE- Master Stylist

Denise graduated in 1981 from a Pivot Point Academy in New England. She began her career with Sebastian International as a Color Specialist and a Platform Artist. She has traveled most of the US as a Salon Educator. Denise returned to the Capital District in 1993 when she met Ania. Since then, she has been certified in: Clairol, Vidal Sassoon, Goldwell, Bumble and bumble and Aveda. Knowledge is the tool that elevates ordinary to extraordinary. Knowledge is power! Denise specializes in hair color and precision hair cutting. She not only hears her clients but she also listens, and gives them the look they looking for.

Education: She graduated from Pivot Point Academy in New England and is certified with Clairol, Vidal Sassoon, Goldwell, Bumble and bumble and Aveda.

Specialties: Hair color and precision hair cutting

DONNA- Master Stylist

If there is one lesson I have learned in my life, it is to do what you love. I am so blessed to have found my passion at such a young age. 20+ years later, I am still doing what I love. Hair defines me. I have traveled all over and have worked under such inspiring artists in my career. I have a love for the razor. I look at using the razor as an eraser. With that eraser in hand, I create my canvas. Hair is an art. Many professionals say that a stylist should master one style and craft in this industry. In all of the education I have received, I believe that hair is hair. Curly, wavy, or straight. If you have the knowledge and education, you can succeed at any type of hair. I believe in communication. Communication distinguished between a stylist and client is key. I have over the years developed relationships with my clients through communication. I have traveled and trained under the Paul Mitchell team,the Bumble and Bumble university, worked on Worth Ave in Palm Beach, and mastered coloring techniques under Beth Minardi in NYC. But what keeps me grounded is what I do behind my chair at Ania Hair Studio. My chair, my clients, and my team at Ania Hair Studio is what keeps the passion alive in my craft. I am grateful for 20+ years of education, learning, and watching so many trends evolve. I cannot wait to have new experiences with new clients, and what’s most gratifying is making my client feel so good when he/she walks out that door. Passion, communication, education, and gratitude, are all words to describe this journey I have endured. I am looking forward to my experience with you. I promise you will leave with the feeling of contentment, commitment, and love for your hair. In all of my years of experience, the most important part of my job is for you to know that my gift and craft is for you. 20+years later, I am still doing what I love…….

Education: Trained under the Paul Mitchell team and the Bumble and Bumble university, worked on Worth Ave in Palm Beach, and mastered coloring techniques under Beth Minardi in NYC.

Specialty: Color

JESSICA- NYS Licensed Esthetician

Jessica is a Professional Makeup artist and licensed Esthetician with 10 years experience in the beauty industry. Her extensive training and certifications from top makeup and skincare companies provides her with the formal background needed to guide her natural creative abilities. Her fascination with color and beauty has defined much of her life and she feels a strong passion to make others look and feel beautiful. She believes makeup and esthetics provide a creative outlet to positively define who you are, how you feel and your outlook on life. Makeup should be fun and make you feel good about yourself!! As your makeup artist and esthetician I will help you reflect your individual beauty and style and strive to make you feel comfortable, confident and unique.

Specialties: Make-up and skin

JOELLE- Master Stylist

“Hi,” my name is Joelle and I have been a Designer at Ania Hair Studio & Spa for ten years. I have been inspired by my Mom who is also a Hair Stylist. I have always been interested in the the art of hair, makeup and fashion. I’ve trained at Bumble and bumble University in NYC and Vidal Sassoon in Miami, which are two of the proudest moments in my career. I am a specialist in color and love to be creative and challenged. I believe it’s very important to educate yourself as the trends are constantly changing. Over the years, I’ve learned that transforming someone’s hair can completely transform their confidence. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing a happy client with gorgeous hair. I hope to see you in my chair and promise to always give you 100 percent!

Education: Bumble and bumble University in NYC and Vidal Sassoon in Miami.

Specialty: Color

JULIE- Master Stylist

Ever since I was little, fashion and beauty were what I was most interested in. After graduating college, I apprenticed at Ania Hair Studio while attending The Orlo School of Hair Design. While working under one of the top stylists, I learned so much about my craft. My education was furthered by attending Bumble and bumble University to perfect my cutting and razor skills. I have studied various color lines such as Wella, Goldwell and Redkin and keep my product knowledge extremely current as hair product is the key to styling any great haircut. I always look forward to continue to learn the newest trends, techniques and treatments. That is what makes my job so exciting! My philosophy on hair cutting and coloring is that it should be made custom specifically for each individual. As I value my relationships and rapport I have built with my clients, I truly believe that open communication and honesty on what would be the most flattering look will give us both the ultimate satisfaction as we work together to achieve the desired end result. My goal is to have my clients leave with stylish cutting edge hair that can be re-created by you at home on a daily basis. Beautiful hair makes a person feel beautifully confident. After over 10 years of experience, I love seeing the evolving hair styles and the challenge it brings me behind my chair. As Vidal Sasoon once said, “Hairdressers are a wonderful breed. You work one on one with another human being and the object is to make them feel so much better and look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye.” I trust what I do and I know that I will do my very best to make your hair look fabulous as it is the ULTIMATE fashion accessory. Can’t wait to see you in my chair!

Education: The Orlo School of Hair Design, Bumble and bumble, Wella, Goldwell and Redkin.

KIMBERLY- NYS Licensed Esthetician & Massge Therapist

Kimberly has 18 years of experience in the wellness industry as a massage therapist. She is now also a licensed esthetician specializing in chemical peels/dermabrasions and problematic skin. Kimberly is a graduate of The Onondaga School of Massage Therapy in Syracuse and the Aesthetics Science Institute in Latham , NY. Kimberly has a warm and friendly personality, and is always working with her clients to bring them the best services they can receive. So whether you’re pregnant, have a back/sciatic injury, muscle tension or just want to relax Kimberly will provide you with the massage therapy or many variations of skin care you may need.

Education: The Onondaga School of Massage Therapy in Syracuse and the Aesthetics Science Institute in Latham, NY

Specialties: Chemical peels/dermabrasions and problematic skin

MELINDA- Hair Designer

Melinda combined her passion for people and her creative talents as a published artist and became a stylist as a second career, and she never looked back! After 6 years in the field, she has recently been promoted to “designer”. Melinda loves to learn and constantly challenge herself in every aspect of cut and color. She has been educated through Bumble & bumble, Aveeda, and earned her “specialist” in color at Wella in NYC. She has recently expanded her color techniques “outside the foils” and prides herself on her balayage techniques and natural looking color for men. She celebrates and respects your individuality, and strives to create a look that compliments your style and personality. “There is nothing more gratifying then to see the confidence and self esteem it creates in my clients, when they look in the mirror and they LOVE what they see.

Education: Bumble & bumble, Aveeda and Wella in NYC

Specialty: Color

TJ- Master Stylist

TJ has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She feels as much passion and love about her contributions to the “Feel Good Energy” of her clients, now, as the day she started out. In the hair salon experience, instant gratification happens for both the client and the technician. When clients leave loving their hair and you see such a transformation occur, it’s priceless. That being said, TJ gained her confidence working with high profile clients, through much education in the industry. Studied abroad and across the U.S., in top academies. Later, she became a Sebastian Advocate, Goldwell Master Colorist, and a Bumble & bumble Network Educator. During her 20+ years of service, her career has molded and transformed into many avenues. Nails, Skin, Hair, and now Hair Pieces. She absolutely adores doing a brilliant color and cut, personalized to suite each individual client. However, new joy has entered her career. Personalizing wigs for clients that have hair loss for a variety of reasons. She brings more sensitivity and compassion to the craft making the transition to pieces seamless. Looking forward to many more years of privileged service to Ania’s and the Fashion Beauty Industry. “Helping People Feel Good On The Inside and Outside”

Education: Sebastian Advocate, Goldwell Master Colorist, and a Bumble & bumble Network Educator.

Specialties: Personalizing wigs and color

SARA- Hair Stylist

Sara Fab has 17 years of experience in the beauty industry and has studied under Bumble and Bumble, Wella, and Arrojo. In order to create exceptional styles, she loves the processes of coloring hair and working with a razor. Most of all, however, she loves to see a smiling client who feels beautiful!

Education: Bumble and Bumble, Wella, and Arrojo.

TAYLOR- Hair Stylist

Taylor has been with us for almost four years now.  As a graduate of the Paul Mitchell School in Schenectady, NY, her passion lies not only in hair, but also in makeup.  She has received training in Las Vegas through Paul Mitchell and was invited to attend hands on classes at Arrojo and Bumble and Bumble University.  She specializes in color, her favorite technique being balayage! In addition to hair, Taylor loves doing makeup, whether it be for weddings, proms, special events, or just everyday looks.  She has received extensive airbrush makeup training with Temptu.  Taylor’s goal is to have each client leave looking and feeling fabulous!

Education: Paul Mitchell School, Arrojo, Bumble and Bumble University and training with Temptu

Specialties: Color and make-up

MEAGAN- Master Stylist

Bio Coming Soon…