mermaid-hairMERMAID HAIR, GALAXY HAIR,GREY OMBRES… All the Rage. Looks Easy Right? Or is it? It’s been so much fun working with these beautiful colors of the rainbow as a stylist, on my clients. The creativity is endless.

Although the results can be spectacular, having the clients educated on the process is key, for happy endings. It’s a whole lot more than showing a Pinterest Pic to your stylist and have her wave her Lucky Charm Wand, and then be Dazzled at the end of the rainbow. The skill and artistry that is required to create these looks is beyond most comprehension.

Here’s some key factors to consider when taking the plunge.

CONSULTATION- Have a thorough consultation with your stylist beforehand. Pics are great. Everyone is an individual, however, with different hair texture and quality. Let your stylist establish what base you are, before starting.She must determine if your hair can withstand all processes without sacrificing the integrity of your hair.

HONESTY- Be truthful about all the chemical services you’ve had on your hair, even if it was 5 years ago. If you have long hair, it effects your end result. If the stylist knows, she/he can provide a better understanding if you can achieve the desired results, and how long it will take. If not- you may look forward to a chemical hair cut or worse. Don’t chance it!

WAIVER- Must be signed by all parties, so everyone knows the expectation and are all in agreeance and on the same page.

TIME- This process can truthfully take all day at the salon and then some. If your hair is dark or color treated, it will have to be lifted up to the palest blond. This allows for the cleanest palette for these bright colors to absorb properly. Then the colors have to be mixed and applied in such a fashion to create a flawless, seamless look. It takes great skill and attention to detail to make this happen. Sometimes it takes multiple appointments.

PRICE- Let’s be real…cost is a factor for everyone. Be clear about the expectation of price before starting. With this kind of job, most stylists can’t quote definite price before getting into it. It is not an exact science, since everyone is an individual with different needs. Most charges are done on an hourly basis. Going to a senior, experienced stylist, usually starts at $125 an hour, and goes up from there-depending on location and reputation of the salon and surrounding area. This is definitely an investment and must be treated as such. So think of the maintenance involved (including products you must use for ultimate results and longevity) and how long you wish to keep this look.

{Side Note}- Famous stylists over the country, that just do mermaid hair, have phenominal results. To achieve this, they work with only one client a day and it takes them the entire day. In order to get that attention- you must be charged accordingly, since most stylist work on multiple clients at a time, with assistants.

GOING BACK- These colors are not natural hair colors, therefore they are called direct dye pigments. AKA- KOOL AID. Did your mom ever color your blond hair pink with kool aid? If so, you know it was just about impossible to get out and probably had to be cut out. Or did you ever get JELLO and KOOL AID powder on your clothes?- “DONE” Never totally comes out, right? Well, that’s the same scenario as getting mermaid colors out of the hair to bring it back to a beautiful natural color. Much time, expertise, and skill is needed.

No doubt, as a creative artist, the right stylist loves the challenge and can’t wait to deliver the gorgeous results of amazing hues to their enthusiastic, excited client.

It’s just important to know all the facts, for best results- Minus a puddle of Tears….

Yours in Glamour- TJ