Great options for great skin!

Great options for great skin!

Summer’s here and this seems to be the time when people become concerned about previous sun damage to their skin. It could be a combination of wrinkles, broken blood vessels and the infamous “brown spots”. Years ago in the skin care industry treating these concerns was very costly and required multiple different types of laser. Today, this is no longer the case .

Here at Ania’s Spa and Salon, the aestheticians use the new Aerolase LightPod laser to treat all of these issues along with many others. This Laser treats multiple skin problems with little or no discomfort and absolutely no down time.

The LightPod laser can be used for all skin types simply by adjusting the laser settings to the clients specific skin type. This laser is the first of its kind.

Along with sun damage, the LightPod is used for facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, laser acne facials, spider veins and laser hair removal. Even though multiple treatments are recommended for different skin concerns, the cost is far below what the costs were years ago when more than one laser was needed for clients to see results .

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